Top 10 authentic wine bars in Paris in 2024

What can be more pleasant than a chilled glass of crisp white, sitting on a terrasse in the middle of the summer, watching people go by? Partaking in France’s love of wine when one travels to Paris is often a delight. It is found everywhere: in the thousands of cafés, restaurants, bars, and shops that serve the divine beverage.

Confusion quickly arises due to the French method of defining wine on menus or labels by places rather than by grapes, leaving the novice unfamiliar with the country’s geography haggard.

Worry not, as we have curated the following list of authentic Wine Bars from all around the city. We love these places for their selection of (mostly French) wines, their local Parisian atmosphere, their love of the product, of the producers, but also of us, the consumer.

1. La Cave des Climats

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 33 87 94
Address: 35 rue de Verneuil 75007 Paris
Mood: Small plates to accompany a glass… or a bottle.
Website: La Cave des Climats

Tucked just around the corner from the very chic Rue du Bac in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, La Cave des Climats was originally the annex of the eponymous restaurant Les Climats, founded in 2013 to honor the wines of Bourgogne (a “climat” is a delimited parcel of grapes that have been historically isolated due to its unique profile and taste).

The restaurant Les Climats closed at the end of 2023 to move to a bigger location, but the wine shop remains! They of course carry a dizzying amount of Bourgogne wines, but not only. Their selection is accompanied by small plates available until 9pm.

Pro tip: The selection at the bar is not limited to the wines by the glass. Any bottle from the shop can be purchased and drunk on site at the small price of a corkage fee. The possibilities are endless!

2. Le Dokhan

Phone: +33 (0)1 53 65 66 99
Address: 117 rue Lauriston 75116 Paris
Mood: Very chic! Perfect for a romantic start to a night in the city of Love!
Website: Le Dokhan

Le Dokhan is one of those places that time does not seem to affect. It was in Paris the first bar to specialize in Champagne. Despite the proximity with the region of Champagne itself, there are very few of them in Paris. Le Dokhan is the most iconic, with its renovated wooden gold-painted XVIIIth century décor. Located near the Champs-Elysées, it opens at night only from 6pm to 11pm. Once the candles are lit, they make it one of the most romantic wine bars in Paris.

Novice or in search of a special vintage, the 200+ references of the bubbly nectar can satisfy everyone. The sommelier on duty will help sort through the exhaustive wine list with ease and professionalism.

Pro tip: Enquire about the wine flights and benefit from the sommelier’s expertise in discovering the unexpected wide range of flavors and sensations Champagne can offer.

3. Vino Sapiens

Phone: +33 (0)6 31 02 46 16
Address: 145 rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris
Mood: Just on the commercial street rue Saint-Dominique, friendly neighborhood wine shop and bar.
Website: Cave Vino Sapiens

Thierry Guemas proudly sports the title of “Maître Caviste” (master wine merchant), a recent certification that rewards his status as an established independent shop owner as well as his commitment in his duty as an educator to his staff and the customer.

Pro tip: Vino Sapiens is both a shop, as well as a wine bar. 7 days a week his well-stocked venue can be the perfect pause to enjoy a glass of wine, indoors or outdoors, after visiting the nearby Eiffel Tower, a short walk away.

4. Rencontres

Phone: +33 (0)9 53 52 32 90
Address: 67 rue de Charenton 75012 Paris
Mood: For the hungry natural wine lover!
Website: Rencontres

The bistro genre is not dead! Emilie and Guillaume, despite their young age, took over a very comforting style of classic cuisine and décor and added to it a playful wine list full of natural gems.
Good for just a glass, or a more complete meal of satisfying standards (terrine, stews, etc.) guaranteed to be renewed and crafted from market-fresh ingredients.

Pro tip: This lovely venue is the most recent addition (barely a few months) to the hip Aligre neighborhood.

5. Le Pinardier
Phone: +33 (0)1 45 31 73 54
Address: 65 rue de Bretagne 75003
Mood: Perfect to start the night (or finish it) with delicious wines!
Website: Le Pinardier

Le Pinardier has for a couple years now carved itself a healthy reputation as the perfect place to imbibe quality wines (many organic, many natural) accompanied by hearty tapas-style plates.
The place looks at first like a normal wine shop with a decent selection on the shelves, but most of the patrons choose to linger.

The concept is stunningly simple: any bottle from the shelf can be enjoyed at a fixed corkage price of a few euros. It is easy to understand why the place has become so popular. Eclectic and lively tables form often until late, guaranteeing a night to remember!

Pro tip: book ahead, the place tends to be packed towards the end of the week.

6. UVA

Phone: (none)
Address: 21 rue de Malte, 75011 Paris
Mood: Cozy natural wine haven
Website: UVA on Instagram

This small wine bar is ideally located at the crossroads between the 10th, the 11th and the 3rd arrondissement. We love the simple but reassuring feel of the bare chalky Parisian walls and the cozy musical atmosphere.

The owners, Marie and Laetitia, have dropped their respective corporate jobs to found this wine bar dedicated to clean wines and carefully-sourced products. It felt natural for Laetitia to embrace this change of pace, being the great grand-daughter of Aveyronnais restaurant owners.

In Paris, to this day, a lot of the quintessential brasseries and cafés are run by descendants of those exiled farmers. It goes without saying that their cheese and cured meats options are meticulously sourced from that region of France.

Pro tip: Try the orange wine – they have several to pick from!

7. Levain Le Vin

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 45 49 10
Address: 83 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 Paris
Mood: Perfect for a hungry stop any time of the day accompanied by low-intervention wines
Website: Levain Le Vin

Why does Paris, the city of 1000 bakeries and how many wine shops somehow have one bakery/wine bar? Go figure! Buying your daily bread in a boulangerie is a fast-paced experience. Levain Le Vin takes it to a whole new level.

Sit down, indoors or outdoors, and enjoy some freshly-baked sourdough bread with any of the biodynamic or natural wines specially curated to accompany the cheese or charcuterie served alongside it. A truly refreshing take on an everlasting classic of French food culture.

Pro tip: Get the excellent cheese plate!

8. Bottles

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 61 93 90
Address: 57 rue Sainte-Anne 75002 Paris
Mood: Serious natural wines references, focus on the product
Website: Bottles Paris

Bottles is a wine shop very serious about its sourcing of natural wines. They can be proud of their list of 200 carefully curated references. It is primarily a shop but there are a few tables that can be reserved or used to enjoy the wine on the spot.

The selection of wines comes with a small menu of arranged platters of cheese or charcuterie, also served with a minimalist approach leaving the quality of the products shine.

Pro tip: Bottles is a very nice culinary alternative on a street almost entirely dedicated to Japanese restaurants.

9. L’Etiquette

Phone: +33 (0)1 44 07 99 27
Address: 10 rue Jean du Bellay 75004
Mood: For the curious or the conscientious about natural or biodynamic wines
Website: L’Etiquette

For more than 20 years, Hervé has been running one of the first wine shop and bar dedicated to promoting organic and natural wines. Located behind Notre-Dame on the Ile Saint-Louis, it is tucked between two of the most picturesque bridges of the City of Lights.

Hervé sources clean wines from all around France, and is fond of his educational mission. The space can be privatized at night or bottles can simply be enjoyed with a classic selection of accompanying platters on the spot. An institution.

Pro tip: Many tastings in French or English are available during the week.

10. Early June

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 85 40 74
Address: 19 rue Jean Poulmarch 75010
Mood: Perfect end to a day walking around in the cool Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood
Website: Early June

Tucked on a quiet street by the Canal Saint-Martin, Early June offers more than just wine. First, the location. As soon as spring hits the city, the Canal becomes one of the most popular areas for a stroll or a picnic.

Plenty of restaurants and terraces become crowded with thirsty patrons. Early June has made a name for itself for its very well curated list of delicious wines, from France or abroad, mostly from low-intervention or clean practices estates, as well as for an impressive rotation of traveling chefs, guaranteeing a constantly renewed selection of dishes.

Pro tip: follow them on Instagram to keep track of the chef they are hosting when you will be visiting!

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