Our Fans


Our Fans

  •   Wonderful experience with Andres as a lovely host. Andres made the experience extremely welcoming and shared his deep knowledge of French cheese and wine to... read more

    thumb Lauren
    November 17, 2022

      Fantastic experience !!!
    Definitely a must try.

    thumb Ana
    September 23, 2022

      We really enjoyed this experience. It felt very special and everything tasted wonderful. I recommend doing this earlier on in your stay so you can... read more

    thumb Stephanie
    May 27, 2022
  •   Love it!!

    thumb Samirah
    September 22, 2022

      Delicious wine and cheese, plus Aurélien is so knowledgeable and fun. We also had a great group. Amazing experience!

    thumb Rachelle
    May 28, 2022

      Learned a lot about French wine and cheese making- Andres was very entertaining and picked out a wide range of cheeses and wine to taste!

    thumb Erica
    August 27, 2022
  •   This experience was really fun and unique and something we will definitely recommend to friends and family visiting Paris! We loved learning about the cheeses... read more

    thumb Amanda
    November 30, 2022

      Must do while in Paris ! So much fun and you won’t leave hungry !

    thumb Alison
    June 23, 2022

      Absolutely phenomenal experience by a personable and incredibly knowledgeable Parisian in this specialty of cheese and wine - Highly recommend this event that awakens your... read more

    thumb Debi
    August 14, 2022
  •   Not only was the cheese and wine delicious, but Aurelien was hilarious! I really enjoyed my time on this experience and will book it... read more

    thumb Isatu
    September 2, 2022

      We had a great time at this tasting! Highly recommend for anyone interested in cheese and wine, or great food in general. One of our... read more

    thumb Morgan
    November 9, 2022

      If you have time in your itinerary while in Paris, definitely consider adding this to your list. We did this on our very last night... read more

    thumb Karen
    December 28, 2022
  •   Amazing experience! Aurélian had so much knowledge to share about each cheese and so that we tasted

    thumb Celina
    July 13, 2022

      Excellent pairings, superb cheese & wine, fabulous information, really neat setting. Highly recommend!

    thumb Cheryl
    October 20, 2022

      Had a fabulous time! Very educational and super interesting. Amazing to get to experience the cave! DELICIOUS cheeses + wine. Highly recommend.

    thumb Paige
    November 4, 2022
  •   Great!

    thumb Leslie
    August 6, 2022

      We had a fantastic experience! Andrés is incredibly knowledgeable and the cheese & wine selection was superb. Best tour we've done in Paris.

    thumb Kris
    September 8, 2022

      I learned a lot from Aurelian about cheese (so good!!), wine, and French history. He is also very engaging with a great personality and funny... read more

    thumb Aswini
    July 22, 2022
  •   Amazing! 100% recommend for anyone traveling to Paris. Aurelien is funny, knowledgeable, and shares great information about Paris, wine, and cheese. You get so much... read more

    thumb Ashley
    December 23, 2022

      Andres is amazing! What a unique experience in a truly special and personal setting.
    Everything sourced from within a block of the location. Everything selected... read more

    thumb Jason
    December 3, 2022

      Such a wonderful experience!

    thumb LuAnne
    June 1, 2022
  •   Great experience!

    thumb Alison
    October 4, 2022

      This was our favorite Airbnb experience ever!My husband and I came to Paris for the first time and after all the quintessential tourist sites, we... read more

    thumb Anna Margaret
    October 22, 2022

      Aurelien was amazing and so knowledgeable! The wine and cheeses were so amazing!

    thumb Marely
    October 5, 2022
  •   This experience was one of our favorites in Paris, a for sure must-do. You travel in time as you walk to an underground cheese cellar... read more

    thumb William
    September 23, 2022

      Andres was a great host for this experience! We enjoyed the wine and cheese so much. The location under the cheese shop was really fun... read more

    thumb Rita
    September 16, 2022

      Such a fun and unique experience! A great journey into French wine and cheese!

    thumb Maggie
    November 2, 2022
  •   This was one of the highlights of our trip. Aurélien was extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and picked out a delicious selections of wines... read more

    thumb Tory
    December 7, 2022

      We had a wonderful evening of wine, cheese & conversation. I highly recommend this tour at the start of your holiday since you will... read more

    thumb Carmel
    July 14, 2022

      Such a fun experience! The cheeses were all delicious and it was so cool learning about them. He also gave a lot of great recommendations... read more

    thumb Amanda
    June 17, 2022