Top 10 artisanal bread bakeries in Paris in 2024

Welcome to the culinary capital of the world, where the aroma of freshly baked bread wafts through the cobblestone streets and tantalizes the senses of passersby.

Paris, renowned for its exquisite pastries and artisanal bread, boasts a plethora of bakeries that have mastered the age-old craft of bread making. From traditional baguettes to innovative sourdoughs, Parisian bakeries offer a diverse array of flavors and textures that cater to every palate.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the top 10 bread bakeries in Paris, where each loaf is a testament to centuries of French baking tradition and expertise. Prepare to indulge in the crispy crusts, airy interiors, and unforgettable flavors that define Parisian bread at its finest.

1. Brigat

Phone: +33 (0)1 57 40 83 85
Address: 6 rue du Pas de la Mule 75003 Paris
Mood: For the ones in need of an energy boost after people-watching on the Place des Vosges
Website: Brigat

Parisians take their bread very seriously. Yet, here, in their backyard, by the most picturesque squares in the city, the Place des Vosges, two Italian brothers have established the most exquisite boulangerie of the quartier!

The two brothers have garnered experience abroad separately. Yet Paris was their first choice to open a bread and pastries bakery. Their work in taking over an already existing shop in a context of rising energy costs led to a very minimalist and calming decoration choice. We like the conscientious reuse of materials from the previous owners.

The offer is simple yet efficient: some of the best croissants in the city, hearty sourdough breads, a few seasonal traditional pastries as well as some creative desserts that caught our attention like a cruffin (croissant/muffin hybrid)!

Pro tip: A small selection of Italian pastries reveals their origin. Thanks to them we can finally find a good panettone in Paris!

2. Petite Ile Boulangerie

Phone: none
Address: 8 rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris
Mood: Health-conscious eating on the go
Website: Petite Ile Paris

Baking bread in Paris is of course a serious business. It’s particularly impressive for Chih-Ya Wang and Po-Hsuan Chuang to have launched into that industry with little French and a completely different career before. After studying in the prestigious Ferrandi school, Chih-Ya led the couple to open a small bakery in the trendy 3rd arrondissement serving delicious sourdough loaves and flaky pastries, sweet or savory.

Their background in art and design gave them the opportunity to come up with a modern graphic line of logo and decoration that gives an uncommon modern touch to their shop in Paris. The use of simple materials like stone and wood adds a touch of warm and cozy.

We loved the sourdough breads as well as the croissants for their long fermentation. From their native Taiwan they brought some recipes that do not feel out of place in a parisian bakery: varied buns and brioches with perfect soft and pillowy textures.

Pro tip: Don’t leave the shop without a coffee from their shiny Marzocco machine!

3. Mamiche

Phone: +33 (0)1 53 21 03 68 / +33 (0)1 42 08 42 02
Address: 45 rue Condorcet 75009 Paris / 32 rue du Château d’eau 75010 Paris
Mood: Willing to be surprised!
Website: Mamiche

For several years now Mamiche has been the proof that going back to simple and tasty products can be successful. Without fuss, the shop promotes hearty high-quality sourdough breads and flavorful pastries. As proof of its success, two outlets are now open in key trendy areas of Paris, as well as a third focusing on take-away food.

The project of two young women who converted from start-ups careers, Mamiche brings to the industry an energy and enthusiasm, as well as humor that’s refreshing. Conscious of the difficult working hours inherent to baking bread, they advertise a limited amount of items in order to avoid overworking staff and product waste.

Pro tip: Explore! The offer varies and your favorite may be sold out, try whatever looks appetizing!

4. Du Pain et des Idées

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 40 44 52
Address: 34 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris
Mood: For the sour-dough connoisseur!
Website: Du Pain et des Idées

There is no shortage of good bakeries in Paris, and this list is the proof. Some are worth crossing the city for: Du Pain et des Idées has consistently been the one you would travel for.

Located in a stunning 19th-century shop, Du Pain et des Idées combines a marvelous atmosphere enhanced by detailed painted ceiling (listed monument) and refined antique furniture as well as one of the best bread in the city.

The sour dough here is exceptional. Long-fermented, it is flavorful and perfectly textured. One has even become its own protected brand: Le Pain des Amis. A signature of the bakery, it has become available at partner locations like the VĂ©rot Charcuterie shops around the city. The shop can boast about a few sweet specialties too: orange-blossom brioche, pistachio and chocolate escargot, and the flan to name a few.

Pro tip: Look up the bread-making classes in the evening!

5. Maison Louvard

Phone: +33 (0)1 81 70 75 77
Address: 11 rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris
Mood: Looking to for delicious sit-down breakfast
Website: Maison Louvard

Maison Louvard bakery in Paris is renowned for its traditional French pastries and bread, often incorporating locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. Established in the heart of Paris, its quaint setting and dedication to artisanal techniques have made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Ranking every year in the top ten for competitions in Paris for best croissant or king’s cake, it has continuously been one of the best bakeries in the neighborhood. The quality of the products can be explained by the strong choices made in sourcing the best quality ingredients, from neighboring Normandy. Some of the items are certified organic, which is rare in bakeries.

Bakeries in Paris are normally small and fast-paced, made to buy bread and bring it home. The Louvard couple made an interesting choice in expanding the location with an adjacent restaurant serving simple food displaying the same standards in sourcing quality ingredients as the bakery.

Pro-tip: Maison Louvard is an interesting lighter alternative to hearty restaurants in Paris.

6. Max Poilâne

Phone: +33 (0) 1 48 28 45 90
Address: 87 rue Brancion 75015 Paris
Mood: Looking for a change from the everyday baguette!
Website: Max Poilâne

All bread lovers know the last name Poilâne, associated since the 1930s with iconic traditional sourdough bread. Few however know that the family split in the 1980s and that a second branch of the family runs an independent shop in the residential 15th Arrondissement, under the name Max Poilâne.

A feud between brothers is at the origin of the two branches coexisting. A feud bad enough to have led to multiple lawsuits. Today the two companies both exist, one having the unique name Poilâne, the other one being Max Poilâne. The latter is smaller in size with children and grandchildren of Max running a total of 4 shops in Paris and Lyon.

The larger Poilâne shops distribute in many shops, supermarkets and specialty shops, even abroad including Japan and the USA.

An interesting visit can be made however to the Max Poilâne shop. The focus here is of course on the 2-pound loaf of rustic sourdough bread that made his father famous at a time when the baguette became the staple. Located across from the lovely Parc George Brassens, it makes for a great stop for a sweet and savory snack.

Pro-tip: Try the chausson aux pommes (apple turnover). The sourdough bread can be bought in as many slices as one wants, even just one.

7. La Maison d’Isabelle

Phone: none
Address: 47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris
Mood: Willing to try the butteriest croissant in Paris!
Website: Instagram of La Maison d’Isabelle

The Place Maubert is a mandatory stop for anyone staying near the latin quarter and looking for an authentic food experience. As a matter of fact, the square has been the seat of a fresh products market since the 900s! Today the market still happens rain or shine three mornings per week. Right on the square are several very high quality brick and mortar food shops open continuously (the market is not).

One that’s impossible to miss is the square-facing bakery La Maison d’Isabelle. Easily recognizable by the never-disappearing line of customers and the large sign attesting of her former rank as the best croissant in the city.

Isabelle, a pastry chef by trade, took over the shop from the previous owners as she was already working under them. She now runs it and focuses all her attention to ensure the best possible breads and of course, pastries. If you were not yet willing to try the croissant, the oven baking them standing just on the edge of the shop in the open air feels it all with a scrumptious butter aroma that would convince even the most rigorous dieter.

Pro tip: The line in the morning is impressive, but bakeries are fast-paced, and one rarely spends more than a few minutes for the buttery grail.

8. Tout Autour du Pain

Phone: none
Address: 47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain 75005 Paris
Mood: Perfect start of the day before museum-hopping in the Marais!
Website: Instagram of Tout Autour du Pain

Tout Autour du Pain (“All around bread”), is the re-conversion project of Benjamin Turquier, who despite his late entry in the world of bakers, quickly became a familiar name on the top 10 competitors in the main bread and croissant competitions in Paris.

The shop is small, often busy but fast-paced. The offer is pretty classic for Paris: sandwiches, pastries, baguette and sourdough breads, as well as anything croissant-like (“viennoiseries” in French). The shelves do not display a huge variety, but everything is good.

The baguette is one of the best one can find in the city. To us one of the signs that the baker clearly knows what he is doing, is the fact that on any day of the year, no matter what the weather, the baguette will have that delicious crunch and deeply aromatic soft core. Consistency is key for a bakery like this one that delivers a lot of the cafés and restaurants in the Marais.

The star of the show, however, is probably the croissant. Former winner of the coveted award for best croissant in Paris, it is deliciously thinly flaky, with very even layering and honeycomb-like texture within.

Pro-tip: Often overlooked, try the chouquettes! (airy risen puffs coated with sugar crystals!)

9. Boulangerie Milligramme

Phone: +33 1 70 23 61 59
Address: 3-5 Rue du Plateau 75019 Paris
Mood: Minimalist, trendy, with a visible kitchen from the street!
Website: Instagram of Boulangerie Milligramme

Opened recently by a dynamic duo, Florence and Jerry, Boulangerie Milligramme finally provides the picnic goers of the nearby picturesque Buttes-Chaumont park with all the savory or sweets goods they need.

You’ll find at Boulangerie Milligramme some Instagram worthy beauties: the New-York Roll, the Cruffin, some plump sandwiches. The bread is not left out. Reasonably priced, they are made from locally-sourced flours, often stone-milled (Paris lies in the heart of a cereal-growing vast plain). In order to make the breads nutritious and tasty, a long fermentation is mandatory, a point Boulangerie Milligramme makes sure to remind us.

Last, It is one of the few bakeries making entirely the croissant in-house. It would be a shame not to sample one when visiting.

Pro-tip: When the weather allows it, a picnic in the Buttes-Chaumont is really worth it!

10. The French Bastards

Phone: none
Address: 35 Place Saint-Ferdinand 75017 Paris
Mood: Healthy, trendy!
Website: The French Bastards

French Bastards, a trendy bakery with several venues around Paris, has captivated both locals and tourists alike with its innovative approach to traditional French pastries. Renowned for its fusion of classic French baking techniques with bold and unconventional flavors, French Bastards has carved out a distinctive niche in the bustling Parisian culinary scene. Each visit to the bakery is an adventure for the taste buds.

At French Bastards, traditional croissants and baguettes share shelf space with avant-garde creations, showcasing the bakery’s commitment to experimentation and creativity. The pastry chefs at French Bastards draw inspiration from global culinary trends, infusing their creations with unexpected ingredients and flavor combinations that challenge conventional notions of what a French pastry should be. This innovative approach has earned French Bastards a dedicated following of food enthusiasts eager to experience the next evolution of Parisian baking.

Beyond its delectable pastries, French Bastards has cultivated a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that invites patrons to linger and savor their culinary creations. The bakery’s sleek and modern interior design, coupled with its friendly and knowledgeable staff, creates a memorable dining experience that extends beyond the plate.

Pro tip: Several locations around the city, surely one near you!

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