Top 10 favorite wine bars in Paris in 2023

Top wine bars in Paris

Make the most of your visit to Paris by visiting small boutique wine shops known as “cave à vin” to source the best wines in Paris. These places are usually run by passionate wine lovers who would help you find the best French wine bottle for you.

These wines taste entirely different from their conventional counterparts. They are usually low in alcohol, with pure flavors, rarely oak, refreshing, vibrant, and full of life. Keep in mind that there is a significant movement of low-intervention sustainable farming (organic, biodynamic, natural) wines in Paris.

Our advice is to approach every shop and/or winebar you visit with a smile and a confident “bonjour” (which means a lot more than just good day in French) and provide three simple pieces of information:

1. your budget – how much you want to spend on that bottle.

2. the style of wine you are looking for: still dry wine: white, red, skin-contact or rosé, sparkling or sweet dessert wine.

3. What do you enjoy drinking at home: a Californian full-bodied CabSav, Oregon Pinot Noir, etc.? This information is critical to scoring a great bottle.

We welcome you for a guided wine, and cheese tasting in our bespoke experience in a secret “cave à vin” in the heart of Paris, Taste French Premium Wines Experience” in a 17th secret cellar. You will learn how to assess wine, read French wine labels, the primary nine wine styles and grapes available in France, how to store and serve wines properly, and the basic recommendations for wine and food pairing.

Suppose you are more of a Champagne enthusiast. In that case, we will take you to an exclusive cellar owned by an independent grower-producer to Discover rare Champagne in a vaulted 17th cellar in the heart of Paris. With our local champagne expert, you will learn how to find your favorite Champagne, how to purchase, how to serve and pair it with food, and most importantly, how to taste it.

Why not take a day off from the hustle and bustle of Paris and come with us to visit the Unesco World Heritage region of Champagne revealed on a day trip experience

The list below displays our curated all-time favorite wine bars in Paris. These places are primarily cozy, visited by locals, and provide a relaxed atmosphere and excellent customer service. They all share their passion for hand-picking wines from independent winemakers around France. Enjoy this wine tour in Paris as you taste premium French wines.

 Ma Cave Fleurie

1. Ma Cave Fleurie

Mood: Champagne all day, inexpensive & high quality!
Address: 177 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002, Paris, France

Morgan Fleury first open this Champagne bar to promote his family’s biodynamic wines in Paris. The main draw here is Morgan’s (ex-comedian) warm, unpretentious, and witty personality and the high-quality, affordable champagne. Fleury Champagne rarely makes it to North America, so it is an excellent opportunity to discover and taste it while you are here in the food and wine capital of the world.

The place is still a secret in central Paris, located on a bohemian, up-and-coming street. They host concerts on Sundays; barrels become tables rolled away before the jazz performance starts, usually on Sunday afternoons. There is a good selection of white and red wines, cheese & charcuterie boards to pair your Champagne with, and plenty of delicious eateries in the trendy Montergueil neighborhood.

We love heading to Au Pied de Cochon for a delicious onion soup, then head to the Experimental cocktail club.

Alex Le Bienheureux

2.  Alex Le Bienheureux

Mood: Relaxed neighborhood wine shop
Address: 77 Rue Beaubourg, 75003, Paris, France
Website: Alex le Bienheureux

The owner, Alex, will welcome you; he is very passionate about carefully selecting his wines and creates a warm atmosphere. You can buy wines by the glass or bottle to drink on the premises with a 10 euro corkage, which is standard in Paris; you can also buy a bottle to go.

The wine list is extensive, but you do not need to read it once you know the 3 things to ask for. It will save you time, believe us! This place is small and intimate, loved by locals, and has a lovely sitting terrace outside. The cheese and charcuterie selection is super tasty and well-sourced. Make sure to stop here on your wine tour of Paris for some unique wine and cheese pairings.

Le Pinardier

3. Le Pinardier

Mood: People-watching while sitting on the terrace.
Address: 65 Rue de Bretagne, 75003, Paris, France

We love how passionate the sommeliers are here. The owner, Benoit, has worked in the UK and France, allowing him to have an extensive, top selection of wines and champagnes. We like walking in and taking a good look at the wall staked with a delicious selection of French wines divided by regions, most of the time; we just let ourselves be guided by their excellent recommendations.

The place is usually bustling after 8:00 pm, so if you want to stay for dinner, make sure you book online. They offer small food plates to share to create tasty wine and food pairings.

Magnum la cave

4. Magnum la cave

Mood: Neighborhood favorite yet undiscovered!
Address: 26 Rue Beautreillis, 75004, Paris, France

It is still undiscovered and hidden from the hustle and bustle of the most visited parts of le Marais  neighborhood. This is a relaxed wine bar where you can find lively wines. Most of the offer is Organic, Biodynamic, and naturally made by artisans.

We love the curated mix of cheese and charcuterie platters from independent producers in Italy and France.

If you want a full dinner, just cross the road and head to Vins Des Pyrénées restaurant. At the end of your meal, you might want to walk upstairs to the hidden cocktail bar Le 1905, which usually hosts live concerts during the weekends, or head down the street to the Sherry Butt cocktail bar

La Compagnie des vins surnaturels Paris

5. La Compagnie des vins surnaturels Paris

Mood: Homy, friendly yet classy
Address: 7 Rue Lobineau, 75006, Paris, France

This is one of the friendliest and most down-to-earth wine bars in the posh Saint Germain des près neighborhood. It is run by friends, sommeliers Julia, Caleb, and Fabien and a must on your wine tour of Paris. You will find more than 900 references with wines from around the world and from independent winegrowers. Don’t be put off by the lengthy wine list, and let yourself be guided by a team of local experts.

Expect wines full of personality and character that delight both connoisseurs and curious amateurs. The place has an elegant NYC style and a touch of provincial tones that will enchant you. We love having the scallop tartare (when in season) with a bottle of Alsatian dry Riesling.

Augustin Marchand d'Vins

6. Augustin Marchand d’Vins

Mood: Naughty & ready to party
Address: 26 rue des Grands-Augustins, 75006, Paris, France

You will find AMV in the chic neighborhood of Saint Germain des près, left bank. This is a hybrid of a wine shop and wine cellar where you can choose to stay (+10 euros corkage) on the bottle or purchase them to go. 

The owner Emmanuel carefully chooses the bottles at this wine bar for their authenticity, history, and originality. Don’t miss some of the best wine and food pairings Paris has to offer with his selection of Jura wines and the Saucisson d’Ardèche (one of France’s top regions producing cured meats). Still, other small bites are also available using a fine selection of ingredients.

This is one of our favorite natural wine spots with red neon signs. We love sitting at a table in the micro-terrasse outside when the weather permits or sitting inside at this deliciously intimate wine den during our luxury food and wine tour in Paris.

La  Grande Crèmerie

7. La  Grande Crèmerie

Mood:  people-watching & delicious wines
Address: 8 Rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006, Paris, France

More of a contemporary feeling of this hybrid restaurant and wine bar. The kind of place you want to sit outside to practice our national sport, yes, you guessed it, “people-watching” with premium French wines from independent producers and sustainable farms.

This wine bar has a pleasant atmosphere and a high level of hospitality. We recommend reserving online or coming early.

Les 110 de Taillevent

8. Les 110 de Taillevent

Mood: I feel the Parisian chic vibe
Address: 195 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008, Paris, France

This is a very chic and elegant Parisian establishment that holds 110 premium French wines by the glass served in 2 measures of 12.5cl or 7cl, needless to say, the most extended list by the glass in the city of lights. The entire wine list has 1800 bottle references. Attention: Food & wine pairing is a thing here.

We love sitting at the bar facing those 110 bottles (the beating heart of this chic Parisian place) and letting ourselves be guided by the sommelier while we taste different wine and cheese pairings from classic to obscure French regions; they have them all!

You should visit this place if you have a special occasion as their prices are dear or if you are a high-end wine connoisseur. Sommeliers offer four wines in four price brackets to choose from. We highly suggest the 3-course menu bargain for lunch, which is about 49 euros.

Le P’tit Pinard

9. Le P’tit Pinard

Mood: Brunch time
Address: 18 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011, Paris, France

Le P’tit Pinard is an adorable canteen and wine bar located nearby the beautiful church of Sant-Ambroise in the up-and-coming 11 districts of Paris, which has been bustling for several years with the most exciting restaurants and wine bars. Julien and Charlotte welcome you to this warm, pleasant, and charming place.

The house’s wines are endless. Each premium French wine bottle has been hand-picked from independent French vignerons and sustainable vineyards.

They serve fresh seasonal produce from an open kitchen.  Whether you visit them for lunch, dinner, or brunch on weekends, the menu changes according to the chef’s mood, for seasonality, and to create the perfect French food and wine pairings.

We love having a late brunch on Sundays paired with a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc-based white wine from Sancerre in the Loire Valley or a pétillant naturel.

Fulgurances La Cave en face (wine bar)

10. Fulgurances La Cave en face (wine bar)

Mood: Mingling with Parisian locals
Address: – 5, rue Alexandre Dumas, 75011, Paris, France

This venue is separated into two spaces. The restaurant has the concept of letting a chef express creativity and cooking style for six months. The second is the tiny wine bar across the street. The wine selection constantly evolves. Attention, this is a highly sociable place.

We highly suggest to book the restaurant online, then visit the wine bar for an aperitif before or after your dinner to be soaked in the vibes of this fantastic, unique concept and crowd.

This is more experimental and maybe more for travelers who have visited Paris many times and wish to experience something else, totally off the main travelers’ path. You can find its twin brother in Brooklyn called Laundromat.

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