Top 10 favorite Fromageries in Paris in 2023

Top 10 favorite Fromageries in Paris in 2023

Buying cheese in Paris could be an overwhelming experience, with hundreds of cheeses of different flavors and textures to choose from. To help you out navigating French cheeses, we launched a workshop in a private 17th cheese cellar in the heart of Paris called  Secret Cellar Cheese & Wine Experience. Use this guide to find the best tasting French cheeses in the city of food, wine, and love.

Here’s everything you need to know about how our top ten favorite Fromageries add magic to the Parisian food and wine experience.

We also share many tips and recommendations on purchasing, tasting, and properly slicing cheeses during our Essential French Food & Wine Experience.

In France, visiting a Fromagerie is all about sourcing the best cheeses the country has to offer, therefore, our simple advice is:

Choose cheeses made with raw milk “lait cru” and sourced from farms “fermier.”

Decide whether you like cheese made from:

Favour seasonal cheeses – we highly suggest you ask at the counter what their seasonal selection is. Some cheeses are made all year round, and some come and go. We usually find summer milk cheeses more decadent and complex, with deeper flavors and delicious textures.

Monbleu – Cheese restaurant

1. Monbleu – Cheese restaurant

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Address: 37 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009, Paris, France
Website: Monbleu

A unique and delicious restaurant specializing in French cheeses with a small selection of International ones. The only place we know of having a Raclette shop where you can purchase a Raclette kit and choose a delightful selection of cheeses platters for lunch and create your own cheese & wine tasting in Paris.

Damien, the mastermind behind this project, was born in the Alps, not far from the Savoie region, known for having some of the most succulent cheeses in France.

The staff is super friendly, helpful, and passionate about cheese. As expert food & wine tour guides, we love to be on the other side of the fence and hear stories about cheeses we do not know about yet.

The vast majority of the cheeses here are raw milk and farmhouse (the farmer raises his animals and makes his cheese on the same farm shortly after milking) or artisanal (a small workshop that purchases milk and follows traditional methods in a short milk supply circuit).

 La laiterie de Paris

2. La laiterie de Paris

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Address: 74 Rue des Poissonniers, 75018, Paris, France
Website: La laiterie de Paris

La Laiterie de Paris is a cheese-making workshop and boutique cheese shop.  They make the cheeses, ripen and sell them, all in the same place in the heart of Paris, which makes them a true gem in the city.

They have a workshop with controlled temperature and hygrometer rooms to manage production from the arrival of the milk to the final ripening. There will also be a small shop section for people in the neighborhood to come and get their yogurts and cheeses.

They use the milk of rare herds, and old breeds, like Salers cows. Working with the milk of happy animals eating pasture outside (100% grass) and no silage might make for some of the most delicious cheeses! Grab some delicious cheese and a bottle of premium French wine to build your own luxury food and wine tour in Paris.

La laiterie de Paris

3. La laiterie de Paris

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Address: 97-99 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004, Paris, France
Website: Laurent Dubois

Fromager and “affineur” – cheese ripener, Laurent Dubois won the rare honor of Best Craftsmen of France (MOF), which distinguishes him as one of the best in the industry.

You can find an exceptional selection of top-quality cheeses, many aged on-site by Dubois and his English-speaking super friendly staff, plus dairy products, the crème fraîche, and butter are to die for.

The beautiful French cheeses are displayed pristinely as jewels in a case. This is undoubtedly a pricey cheese shop, but the work behind it and the fact that you only live once and are in Paris makes it a top choice.

Laurent Dubois is an ambassador of Sweet, and nutty Comté cheese – Most exported French cheese and one of the most delightful cheeses in France and a staple of Parisian cuisine. Hence, we highly suggest doing a vertical tasting by purchasing at least three different types of Comté cheese: 18 months, 24 months, and 36 months. You will be amazed to discover how the aging process of “ripening” impacts flavor, aromas, and texture in the same cheese over time, from fresh, slightly sweet, and creamy to the most delicious nutty, butterscotch-caramelly flavors. The more aged versions will display crunchy tyrosine or lactate calcium crystals that add extra texture to the palate. 

Taka & Vermo

4. Taka & Vermo

Mood: Modern, clean cut, new generation fromagerie
Address: 61bis Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010, Paris, France
Website: Taka & Vermo

Welcome to the new generation “fromagers.” Laure & Mathieu trained at some of the finest fromageries in Paris.

Their cheeses are of the highest quality, made with raw milk using traditional methods from artisanal French producers in this clean-cut and modern fromagerie located in an up-and-coming multi-cultural street.

They have a cheese ripening room on the premises, allowing them to control the flavor evolution of their cheeses. They also put together some “designer cheeses” – modern house creations, including fresh goat’s cheese, topped with yuzu confit and lime zest. Their selection of sheep’s milk cheeses and blue cheeses is impressive. We usually buy our wines here, too; their choice is small but hand-picked and curated to pair with their cheeses, allowing for a tasty French food and wine experience.

La fromagerie Goncourt

5. La fromagerie Goncourt

Mood:  New generation fromagers
Address: 1 Rue Abel Rabaud, 75011, Paris, France
Website: La fromagerie Goncourt

The owner, Clément, traveled around France for two months on a cycling adventure to discover French regional cheeses and meet the producers behind them.

Later, he opened his beautiful cheese shop and stocked it with a delicious selection of top cheeses and other dairy products resulting from his traveling adventure around France.

Please ask the friendly and professional staff what cheeses are fully ripened so they can help you out by selecting the right ones. Don’t miss the Tommes de Bauges, the smoky chèvre cheese, and his fantastic “ail des ours” – wild garlic raclette one.

Fromagerie Hardouin

6. Fromagerie Hardouin

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Address:  6 Pl. d’Aligre, 75012, Paris, France
Website: Nope, sorry! – still a local secret

This is our favorite cheese shop at the indoor gourmet Aligre farmer’s market; with its village-like atmosphere, take your time to stroll down the maze of stalls in the outside market, visit gourmet shops, the flee market, then head to Fromagerie Hardouin holding a high-quality and enormous selection of French and International cheeses. Great cheese shops like this will offer products you can’t find anywhere else, including some of the most exclusive and best cheeses Paris has to offer.

The service here is helpful and mainly catered to local neighbors. Suppose you do not speak French; we recommend pointing out the cheeses you’d like to taste. They will also do a small cheese platter on the fly. Alternatively, you can sign up for our Eat your way through a Parisian Farmers Market Experience and get a full explanation of French cheese tradition and a guided tasting with local experts and ex-chefs.


7. Barthélémy

Mood: Paying tribute to an exquisite French historical cheese institution
Address: 51 Rue de Grenelle, 75007, Paris, France
Website: Barthélemy

Stunning, vintage look, charming like out of a movie cheese shop with its marble cupboards, beautiful blue-tiled floors, and sheep figurines, this vintage cheese shop is a jewel box of some of the most delicious cheeses in France.

No wonder they supply the Palais de l’Élysée where the French president lives. Any committed cheese lover visiting Paris should pilgrimage to this French institution that has been in business for over 50 years. 

Not only are the service and human warmth there but a wide choice of cheeses of excellent quality. To be honest, the most challenging part here is to choose one cheese among the hundreds of delicious varieties they have; the good thing is that you can’t go wrong here.

We can hear you asking, what if we had to choose just one. We would say not to miss the rare and difficult-to-find French delicacy “The Fontainebleau cheese” – a dessert-like cheese, fragile as an ice cream, eaten with sugar. Be sure to stop by this shop during any cheese & wine tasting in Paris.

Fromagerie Quatrehomme

8. Fromagerie Quatrehomme

Mood: Another historical long-standing cheese shop led by a woman’s cheese ripener.
Address:  9 Rue du Poteau, 75018, Paris, France and 62 Rue de Sèvres, 75007, Paris, France
Website: Fromagerie Quatrehomme

This is a fourth-generation family business fully committed to its craft. Don’t miss this Parisian cheese shop gem taken over in 1983 by Marie and Alain Quatrehomme. This is a great place to order a customized cheese platter to take to the Eiffel tower for a stylish Parisian picnic, best paired with premium French wines.

Marie is an “affineur”– a professional cheese ripener, and was the first woman to win the prestigious award of “Best Craftwomen in France” – MOF in 2000. Her incredible knowledge of cheese and her connection with small-scale French producers provide the shop with the best farmhouse raw milk cheeses.

She also developed a selection of specialty cheeses that you can only find here at Quatrehomme fromagerie, such as the “Fourme d’Ambert aux Côteaux du Layon,” a semi-hard blue cheese infused with a sweet white wine from the Loire Valley. 

Like any of the finest cheese shops in Paris, The specialties change according to the season. If you like robust flavors, we dare you to taste the unique, hard-to-find “dark Brie Noir.”

Fromagerie Sanders

9. Fromagerie Sanders

Mood: Super friendly family-owned cheese shop
Address: 4 Rue Lobineau, 75006, Paris, France
Website: Nope!

Undoubtedly the friendliest shop in the chic Saint-Germain des près neighborhood. Twiggy and Michel Sanders offer a beautiful display of cheeses from different regions in France, aesthetically almost as perfect as these French cheeses taste.

They supply some of the top restaurants and hotels in Paris. We are particularly fond of their Saint-Marcellins and Saint-Féliciens from the legendary Mère Richard (Lyon). 

We love tasting their very old Comtés (36 or 40 months old), aged Mimolette (24 months), and their selection of exceptional sheep’s milk cheeses from the Pyrénées region. They can put together a cheese platter on the flight for you to taste on the premises.

COW - Cheese of the World

10. COW – Cheese of the World

Mood: The most International cheese selection in Paris
Address: 30 Bd Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France

Pascal and Alexandre long travel across France and elsewhere in Europe. Their research culminated in COW (Cheese of the World), a modern, sleek boutique offering Paris’s best selection of International & French cheeses.

Whenever we feel curious about what artisans are doing in other countries, we come here to delight our taste buds.

This boutique cheese shop does not come cheap. Still, it is worth the price, from English-aged cheddar cheeses to Alpha Tolman from Jasper hill farm in the US to smoked Idiazabal sheep’s milk from Spain to the most exotic female yak’s milk from Nepal. If you’re looking to dive into multi-cultural, international cheeses in Paris, this is the spot. Their raw milk cheeses are carefully matured in their on-site cellars to offer seasonal products with optimum taste quality. The selection of 60 references is constantly evolving, a model that allows the range to be refined according to recent discoveries.

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